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Find More Information on the Government of BC Website

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April 18th, 2018 at 2:23 PM
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It’s only been a week since White Castle announced the widespread rollout of its Impossible Slider — a meat-free 100% vegan burger that looks, tastes, and bleeds like real meat — and now a petition Shop Liz linen maxi dress Lisa Marie Fernandez Buy Cheap Lowest Price Outlet Real Buy Cheap Amazing Price aTKGbTjU
is gaining a good bit of momentum. The petition, which was started by social activism group Care2 and is hosted on its petition site, wants the world’s largest burger chain to offer its own “guilt-free” meal option in the United States.

At the time of this writing, the petition has almost broken the 23,000 signature mark, with an ultimate goal of 25,000 signees. Care2 cites the adoption of the Impossible Burger by White Castle as a clear sign that McDonald’s should do the same. The group believes that the option of a vegan burger at the popular fast food chain will have a dramatic impact in a variety of ways.

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“Vegan and vegetarian burgers like the one on the menu at White Castle don’t just save animals; they also use much less land and water, which means they are far better for the environment than animal-based burgers,” Care2 writes. “In fact choosing a burger like the Impossible Slider, over a regular beef patty is like saving 20 gallons of water.”

Impossible Foods, makers of the meat-free burger, has spent years working on its product, which is made of potato and wheat protein, soy, coconut oil, and other vegan ingredients. The burger gets its meaty taste from a substance called Heme, which the company says is abundant in animal muscle and can be produced in its lab using plant materials. The result is a vegan burger that has a meat-like texture and even “bleeds” when bitten, just like a ground beef patty.

“McDonald’s alreadyoffers vegan burgers,” Care2 writes. “Just not here in America. Earlier this year, the global restaurant chain began offering soy-based burgers to its customers in Sweden and Finland and they sold like hotcakes.”

Of course, rolling veggie burgers out to 140 White Castle locations is much less work than doing the same for 14,000 of McDonald’s US locations. Still, if the Impossible Burger continues to catch on as it has over the past year, it might not be long before the golden arches finds itself serving up meat-free burgers of its own.

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Astronomers are looking for the Sun’s long-lost twins by checking the ‘DNA’ of stars


Several sites are available for conversion of sequence from one format to another. These include:

Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational biomedical research. This web server makes analysis tools, genomic data, tutorial demonstrations, persistent workspaces, and publication services available to any scientist. Extensive user documentation applicable to any public or local Galaxy instance is available. Offers a huge varierty of tools for analysis and file interconversion.

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( Bioinf @ Bugaco ) - a huge suite of conversion tools. Also try Buy Cheap Good Selling Outlet Shop For Bikini bottom Vintage Jungle Floral Camo Watercult Copwo

Readseq developed by D.G. Gilbert (Indiana University) reads and converts biosequences between a selection of common biological sequence formats, including EMBL, GenBank and fasta sequence formats is available .

EMBOSS Seqret reads and writes (returns) sequences. It is useful for a variety of tasks, including extracting sequences from databases, displaying sequences, reformatting sequences, producing the reverse complement of a sequence, extracting fragments of a sequence, sequence case conversion or any combination of the above functions.

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- Convert DNA and RNA sequences. Generate antiparallel, complement and inverse sequences. geometric print straight trousers Brown Siyu Sale Fast Delivery Footlocker For Sale sRAxxMulM
- This program takes as input a sequence or sequences (e.g., an alignment) in an unspecified format and converts the sequence(s) to a different user-specified format. Also converts *.gbk to *.gff3.

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- Transformation of TransTermHP, CRISPRfinder, MOSAIC, PatScan, DARN! (GFF), GenBank output data in GFF and GAME XML format data that can be read by Apollo.

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accepts a GenBank file as input and returns each of the protein translations described in the file in FASTA format. GenBank Trans Extractor should be used when you are more interested in the predicted protein translations of a DNA sequence than the DNA sequence itself. Part of the Sequence Manipulation Suite.

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1.2L (light) Server - extracts sequence and feature annotation, such as intron/exon structure, from GenBank entries and other GenBank format files. ( Reference: R. Wernersson (2005) Nucleic Acids Res. 33(Web Server issue): W567–W569).

33(Web Server issue):

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- converts DNA and RNA sequences. Generate antiparallel, complement and inverse sequences.

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